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Welcome to The Newman Guide application site for undergraduate colleges!

The Cardinal Newman Society recognizes undergraduate colleges for their commitment to a faithful Catholic education. A Newman Guide college strives for the very best of Catholic education and stands as an exemplar for other colleges nationwide.

The Cardinal Newman Society’s criteria for recognition are derived from guidance provided by Church councils, popes, Vatican congregations, bishops conferences, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and other Church documents.

Benefits of Newman Guide Recognition

The undergraduate colleges recognized in The Newman Guide enjoy several benefits, including:

  • free promotion to more than 75,000 Catholic families each year through The Newman Guide online;
  • promotion through My Future, My Faith magazine and other Cardinal Newman Society mailings, social media, emails, and digital resources that highlight faithful Catholic education;
  • endorsement to tens of thousands of high school students at Newman Guide Schools;
  • access to thousands of pre-qualified leads to high school students who have self-identified through Recruit Me as looking for a faithful Catholic college; and
  • access to private working groups for Catholic college administrators to discuss best practices to strengthen Catholic identity.

Requirements for Newman Guide Recognition

To begin an application, an undergraduate college must affirm:

  • it has been in operation for 4 or more years and has graduated a first class (or that it seeks Provisional Recognition if a newer college),
  • offers for-credit courses (contributing to a formal degree) to lay undergraduate students who have completed high school,
  • has a significant percentage of lay students and has a strong focus on lay undergraduate studies,
  • offers at least a first year of coursework in English and provides language instruction to enable students to continue with their courses beyond the first year,
  • and is academically strong and sound.

If applying for first-time full recognition, and every five years thereafter, the college must also affirm that it will cover the travel and related costs of a campus visit by one or two Cardinal Newman Society representative, following a satisfactory review of The Newman Guide application and accompanying artifacts.

To complete the application, a college must truthfully answer a series of questions and submit key policy documents and other artifacts for review by The Cardinal Newman Society. At its sole discretion, The Cardinal Newman Society may grant recognition even when a college does not answer a question satisfactorily but can demonstrate progress toward meeting the criterion.

The questions asked of Newman Guide colleges can be found here. Additionally, the general facts and artifacts can be found here.

The Cardinal Newman Society may, at its sole discretion, grant Provisional Recognition to a college that does not yet meet the requirements for full recognition, based only on information provided in The Newman Guide application and accompanying artifacts, that the college appears to meet Newman Guide criteria. A college may advertise its Provisional Recognition, but the college will only be listed in a provisional category at NewmanGuide.org.

Process for Newman Guide Recognition

1. Pre-Application/College Self-Review

Before completing the application, applicants should conduct a thorough review of program offerings, policies, and activities to ensure that they meet the Newman Guide requirements. The bulk of time to prepare for Newman Guide recognition will be during this stage, as you review and align policies and practices to the Newman Guide requirements. See the questions asked of Newman Guide colleges here.

2. Newman Guide Application

The applicant college creates an account, the college president reviews and affirms its policies and practices are in conformity with The Cardinal Newman Society’s standards, and the college pledges to make the Newman Guide recognition known to its college community. The Newman Guide application is a set of more than one hundred questions. Artifacts are then loaded for review.

3. Application Review and Follow-Up

After reviewing the answers to the application, The Cardinal Newman Society may ask to conduct telephone interviews with key people at the institution, such as the president, academic dean, chaplain, theology chair, residence life officer, and others. Although the application is the primary basis for review, The Cardinal Newman Society reserves the right to ask for additional information and to accept or deny recognition for any reason.

4. Campus Visit and Meetings

If a decision is made to proceed, The Cardinal Newman Society asks the institution to cover travel and accommodation expenses for one or two of our representatives to visit the campus. While there, we meet with university officials, faculty members, and students to learn more about the institution. We may ask to sit in classes, attend Mass, and visit other important locations on campus.

Newman Guide Recognition

The Cardinal Newman Society will notify the college of its decision. If selected, the college will be provided a certificate, a press kit, and a Newman Guide seal for display. If not approved, the college will be informed as to why and what remediation is recommended.

Annual Update

Newman Guide colleges must update their contact information and affirmations annually. Failure to do so may result in removal from The Newman Guide. Substantial changes at the college—such as a change of the president or major new programs—may require a new application and signed affirmation for the college to remain in The Newman Guide.

Five-Year Renewal

Newman Guide colleges must submit a renewal application and updated artifacts every five years.


The Cardinal Newman Society reserves the right to remove recognition for any reason at any time including, but not limited to, its determination that a college is not sufficiently modeling faithful Catholic education or that the college might detract from the reputation of the programs or of The Cardinal Newman Society.

Click here to preview the application questions, general facts, and artifacts to ensure you have all of the required documentation before completing the online application.

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Questions or concerns about the Newman Guide college process can be sent to NewmanGuide@CardinalNewmanSociety.org.